Dust extraction

Solutions for dust extraction

Optimal suction of dust in the work environment is achieved by conducting a detailed study of the customer process. To guarantee an effective industrial solution, CATTINAIR, the industrial dust extraction specialist, integrates and analyses the following elements:

  • The type of machine or process: machining, emptying station, transfer of materials, production lines, grinders, method of storage…
  • The contaminants: wood shavings, cereal, glass, plastic and wood dust, metal dust, ...
  • The characteristics of the dust (granulometry, quantity, relative humidity, temperature, explosiveness, abrasiveness…): particle size, whether it is moist, sticky, explosive…
  • All of the other technical factors: installation of airborne dust collection systems, explosion risk, specific technical characteristics…

Purification of your unit in 5 stages

Captage des poussières


The extraction of dust is carried out as close as possible to the emission source without causing any disruption to the operator.
Transport des poussières


The conveying speed is optimised according to the aeraulic rules and economic constraints of the manufacturer.
Filtration des poussières


Once it has been collected and transported, the dust is filtered.
Recycler l'air à l'intérieur des bâtiments ou compenser l'air

Recycling, compensating air

Depending on the type of dust, the air can be recycled inside the building. If recycling is not possible, the extracted air needs to be compensated by introducing treated air.
Récupération et stockage des poussières

Recovering and storing the dust

The dust from the filtration process is recovered in a container to ensure simplified and optimised recycling/reprocessing.

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