Centralised vacuum extraction of dust

Cleaning of production areas (cleaning floors and machinery)

At grain and cereal producers, wood processing companies and on all herb and spice industrial processes, cleaning can improve working conditions for operators (OEL) and reduce the risk of explosion in accordance with ATEX zoning.

Blowing to be banned

Caution, compressed air blowing solutions in workshops simply suspend the dust in the air thereby creating a contaminated and potentially explosive atmosphere.

Aspiration centralisée et nettoyage des zones de production (sols et équipements)
Aspiration centralisée ou centrale d'aspiration : captage des graines, semences, sciures, copeaux et poussières

The centralised vacuum extraction system or extraction unit

A centralised vacuum extraction and filtration installation for collecting grain, seeds, sawdust, shavings and dust by means of cleaning accessories (suction nozzles, brushes, pipes, etc.) connected to vacuum extraction hoses and outlets. The cleaning hoses installed in the workshop enable thorough cleaning of the area, ensuring a clean industrial environment (OEL) that complies with ATEX regulations.

CATTINAIR provides seed companies, cereal farmers, wood processing companies and others, with multiple extraction points leading to the centralised vacuum unit. The grain, seeds, shavings, sawdust and dust that has been collected is extracted by high vacuum units. The air is filtered using CATTINAIR Cyclofilters that meet ATEX requirements before being released into the atmosphere (or reintroduced in the case of non-CMR dust). The material recovered by the Cyclofilter is stored in vats, big-bags, skips, silos or containers.

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