Filtration of oil particles

Filtration des particules fines, fluides de coupe ou brouillards d'huile

Solutions for the filtration of oil particles

Many industries generate a quantity of fine particles, cutting fluids or oil mists as part of their processes when they integrate a process that requires a cutting fluid.

Not capturing this contamination is allowing operators to come into contact with an odorous contaminant that is harmful to human health, damaging to machinery and harmful to the environment.

CATTINAIR is the specialist in oil mist filtration systems and offers stale air filtering solutions for every stage of the process: machining, forging, milling, grinding, sharpening…

Purification of your unit in 5 stages

Captation des particules et brouillards d'huile


The extraction of oil particles and mist is carried out as close as possible to the emission source without causing any inconvenience to the operator.
Transporter l'air pollué après captage à la source


The conveying speed is optimised according to the aeraulic rules and economic constraints of the manufacturer, while ensuring the airtightness of the conveying network.
Filtrer l'air par des médias adaptés à la nature de l'huile


The air is filtered using media tailored to the nature of the oil.
Recycler et traiter l'air qui ne peut être réintroduit après filtration

Recycling, compensating air

The air cannot be reintroduced after filtration (presence of VOCs). Treated, compensating air therefore needs to be introduced.
Récupérer et stocker les huiles issues de la filtration dans un contenant ou vers une centrale de traitement

Recovering and storing the dust

The oil from filtration is recovered in a container or conveyed to the oil handling units.

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