Conveying and storage of matter and dust

Conveying and storage of matter

Cattinair provides aeraulic systems for conveying and storing process waste (whether or not from dust extraction systems).

Continuous extraction of process waste

  • Transfer and storage of dust and wood shavings
  • Transfer and storage of pellets
  • Storage in airtight skip
  • Grain storage silo
  • ATEX storage silo
  • Transfer to cereal storage unit
  • Transfer of cereals or seeds between agricultural units
  • Management of various production waste
  • Continuous suction of shavings
Systèmes aérauliques, transfert et stockage de matière (copeaux, pellets, grains, céréales, semences, poussières...)
Transfert pneumatique et stockage, installations de dépoussiérage, bois, bioénergie, biomasse, agroalimentaire, ATEX

Advice, design and supply of pneumatic conveying and storage systems

Cattinair is specialised in designing and supplying pneumatic conveying and storage systems around dust extractions installations. It also supplies conveying and storage components enabling woodworking, food processing, biomass and other industries to design and operate installations that comply with the regulations in force, in particular ATEX regulations.

What are the advantages for the manufacturer?

  • Increased productivity: no machine downtime for collecting waste
  • No loss of dry material: in most cases the material recovered is reused in a new production cycle and thereby recycled
  • Cleanliness of floors and machinery
  • Quality of the products manufactured
  • Safe maintenance and working conditions
  • Aeraulic systems require less maintenance than mechanical equipment
  • ATEX and fire safety
  • Modularity and scalability of pathways/destination points
  • Protection of operators thanks to the purified air quality at the work stations
Transfert pneumatique et stockage avantages, ATEX, sécurité, productivité, propreté

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